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I'm getting some good response from my Zazzle online store, 'Zombiehellmonkey Brand' where I've created a range of products based on my highly-sought-after digital drawings and paintings. Here is a selection of the latest offerings, t-shirt, mug, iphone 5 cover. Great gifts for all the family, please check them out if you dare!


A Couple of New T-Shirts

Rat Pee Drinkin' Champion

Granny Puncher 'Booyah!' 'Dun mess with me'

These are just a few of the new items that can be found in my new store.



Why Blogger Beats All Other Websites For Marketing, And Some Zazzle Tips

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You're reading this article because you found it among millions upon millions of other articles that drift in the mess and confusion that is the world wide web. If you're promoting something, it would be wise to link or blog about this article because the fact that you found this article and are reading it now is testimony of the truth and wisdom it shares about promoting your self on the internet. You won't find these ideas written anywhere else because these concepts I have discovered myself through trial and error, I'm saving you the trouble, so make yourself comfortable and settle back in your chair and let these words sink in. Of course there are no clear cut methods for promoting your company and products, everyone has their own techniques, but some things work better than others, and it is up to yourself to discover and improve upon methods that you learn and discover so that you have an advantage above the rest. So let's begin.

You may have noticed that I'm writing this article using Blogger.com. I like blogger for many reasons. The main reason is that it is a part of Google, so whenever you publish an article or start a new blog it is automatically listed into the Google search engine. Google make a lot of their revenue from advertising, so it makes sense that Google would want you to stay within their website products as much as possible, therefore Blogger articles tend to rank higher than their counterparts in the Google search engine. Also all the Blogger blogs are chained together, they're interconnected so people can browse Blogger blogs as simple as turning a page in a book, this means that you're going to get visitors from other blogs too - once again, this is done so that you stay on the site as long as possible, this is part of Google's revenue stream. It works for them, and you can make it work for you too. The best part of choosing Blogger to market yourself, is that Blogger is a free service, your traffic is not capped and charged unlike with other blog services - you can have as many visitors as you like without worrying about traffic limits.

There is another site called Squidoo.com. I cannot say I'm an expert on Squidoo, but I've created and written 'lenses' (pages) for the site. It's primarily used as a marketing tool, but you can write articles to draw people to Squidoo and you'll be paid a part of the advertising stream. Now there is a lot of hype about Squidoo, I wouldn't say it's not justified, but Squidoo articles are extremely bias because of the primary nature of the site (which is a marketing tool). Most of the articles you read at Squidoo have the single purpose of promoting Squidoo, because the more people that visit Squidoo, the more everyone benefits - So there's alot of hype about Squidoo, but as a company it depends on that type of hype to stay in business. Also with Squidoo, I find the website rather limited, the interface and tools are quite basic compared to Blogger where Google as a technology development company has an advantage. Blogger is just more flexible, and there are no expectations from the users, it sells itself as a service, and that is what I want to talk about in the next part.

Blogger has been around for over ten years and is running strong outlasting other free blogging services like Yahoo Geocities and building up a stronger userbase than Wordpress (which actually isn't fully a free service). As a fully intergrated free blogging website, Blogger draws more types of users than any other free web publisher, unlike Squidoo, it is not attracting a certain type of content creator who is creating content just to hit marketing keywords - Blogger has many genuine hobbyists, collectors, enthusiasts, fetishists, etc, including those who just want to start a blog about their pet or baby. This is where Google Blogger has the edge - the audience are real people, not just those concerned with internet business, these are your everyday housewives, teenagers, etc who do not making a living from marketing on the internet. They're not interested in reading articles that talk about marketing, or are constructed from an undercurrent of keywords that are designed to draw visitors in from a search engine.

Over the years, I've had a good constant visitor stream to this site. Many visitors come from the Google search engine, and they are usually searching for obscure terms. There are popular search terms, but if your website is nailing the ununusual and less popular words then you're going to catch a large percentage of people who aren't looking for the standard stuff. Of course it would be nice to rank at the top for a popular search term, but that's going to be extremely rare, and to stay up there takes much work and perserverance. There's not much point in my opinion, because the most popular word searches bring up websites that are popular already, the majority of people these days prefer alternative real views rather than commercial propaganda. The big sites are created to sell something, you visit a blog about someone's hamster, you're not expecting any advertising/commercial speak, but because you're unwary because of the nature of the blog, you're more willing to respond to marketing and advertising as your defences are down, busy looking at the cute photographs and thinking what a great blog it is.

Recently, I've opened up a new online store on Zazzle.com. I can't say yet how successful my marketing for my store is at the moment because I've just started, but if you stay tuned in, I may be able to report it in future. Well, I can add some quick advice on general marketing on the internet, now that you're here because you managed to find my site out of millions - the trick really is to not even try to compete against mainstream content. Firstly, you want visitors to your site, once you have the visitors to the site, the site's popularity will grow on its own accord. Find a niche, find something you like to do, and make it different. Making it different is key, because people are always on the lookout for something unique or interesting. The range of products at my store http://www.zazzle.com/zombiehellmonkey are created with the intent of being unusual, you'll see my images are funny or disgusting, but always make people interested enough to share with their friends. The key really to marketing your products, is in the creation of the product itself, a good product sells itself, and marketing is just to get the word out about your products, so people will go and look, be entertained and maybe eventually buy something. If the product is no good, you could have the best marketing campaign in the world and still you wouldn't get many buyers. I hope you take the time to look at my Zazzle store anyway, in future I may write an article to tell you how it is going. Thanks for reading! If you found this article useful, and want to take advantage of how easy you found it on the search engine, then feel free to link or reference it, it'll help me as much as it'll help you! Let's all help each other.

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Zombiehellmonkey Brand - New Zazzle Online Store!!

These are just a few of the many designs that you can purchase at my new Zombiehellmonkey Brand  (http://www.zazzle.com/zombiehellmonkey) store on Zazzle.com, which took more than two years of research and development to put together, and the inventory continues to grow.

There is something for everyone at my store, just make sure to turn off the 'content filter' in the menu to be able to see the entire selection. This weekend there is a 30% off sale on selected items.

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